Suicide Prevention Kit

Add some code, help save a life.

Koko’s Suicide Prevention Kit provides free resources for everyone in your online community — right when they need it the most. Integration is quick and easy. Join a growing group of social networks and online platforms dedicated to making mental health accessible to everyone.

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The Opportunity

Many platforms have keywords that detect concerning search terms (e.g., “suicide” or “depression”). But these lists have glaring omissions. Millions of young adults can easily find dangerous content online, such as tips on how to self-harm or kill themselves.

And while some platforms provide PSAs and support pages, the resources are often underwhelming and lack evidence-base.

Many online platforms have an earnest desire to support the mental health of their users, but they struggle to prioritize this work because: (1) they lack internal expertise and (2) there are no clear success outcomes.

We provide

Keywords to detect high-risk search queries
Support links for users at risk
Clinical outcome data
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“Yesterday, I was feeling very suicidal. I had no idea this service existed, but I’m very thankful it popped up on my screen because it sort of saved me”

Koko User
An animation of someone searching for "#sewerslide", getting a PSA, and then clicking to a Koko intervention


Install our keyword client to detect high risk searches
Use our library of support and referral links (provided as single pages or div blocks)
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Reduce risk

Detect high risk searches with a native client that matches in under a microsecond.

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Support your users

Automatically connect users with the best support resource for their needs.

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Preserve anonymity for the user. We have a privacy-first client that collects no data and our interventions are anonymous

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Measure Impact

Get dashboards and statistics to measure outcomes.

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REsearch Backed

All of our services can be accessed online, for free, without having to download an app. This enables us to reach users where they are, right at the moment they are seeking help. Our resources include peer support, self-guided mini courses, crisis triage, etc.

We have published seven reviewed papers on our work, including two randomized controlled trials. In our most recent publication with Harvard, we increased the conversion rate to crisis lines by 23%.


We've been working in Trust and Safety for over 6 years. Koko has partnered many of the world's largest platforms.

Partner logos, including Tumblr, TikTok, Twitch, Giphy, VSCO, Vibrant, Wordpress, Airbnb.Partner logos, including Tumblr, Giphy, TikTok, Twitch, Vibrant, Airbnb, Wordpress

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