Ethical Commitments

"Koko refuses to permit neglect to ravish young people in crisis. They insist on evidence-based approaches to helping while remaining acutely sensitive to the rights and interests of Koko users. I’ve been blown away by Koko’s level of commitment to their user community. They are the standard-bearers for addressing the adolescent mental health crisis in innovative but responsible ways."

— Dr. Luke Gelinas

Senior IRB Chair Director, Advarra;

Senior Advisor, Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center of Brigham & Women's Hospital and Harvard

"In my professional opinion, Koko engages in all their work – tools, platforms, research, and quality improvements – with the utmost responsibility and ethical assurance. I am impressed with the principles Koko has committed itself to in its work and the associated frameworks and processes that have been put in place to ensure fidelity. In the often dark and difficult world of the internet, Koko stands out as a hopeful beacon of good work, done right. Koko saves lives."

— Professor Bradley J. Strawser

CEO & Founder of Compass Ethics;

Professor of Philosophy in the Defense Analysis Department, Naval Postgraduate School


At Koko, your privacy is our priority. We will never use your data for advertising purposes, and we do not collect any personally identifiable information.

  • No Personally-Identifying Data: We do not collect any personally-identifying information.
  • Non-Selling Policy: Your data is never sold. The information we collect is solely utilized to enhance the Koko experience for users, with no data sold to advertisers.

Let's maintain Koko as an anonymous and safe space for everyone.

Evidence-Based Practices:

Koko is committed to utilizing evidence-based methods, occasionally testing new features to enhance services for future community members.

Quality Services:

Our commitment is to provide quality services and support, rooted in evidence and proven effectiveness for people in crisis. This involves ongoing evaluation using scientifically proven research methods.

Research Ethics Standards:

  • User Anonymity: All user information remains anonymous, with no efforts to identify individuals. User data is never sold.
  • Ethical Research Goals: Research focuses solely on improving Koko and benefiting users.
  • Minimizing Risks: New features introduced during research are based on prior evidence suggesting potential benefits. Oversight and Monitoring: Internal ethics teams and an external review board oversee all research, ensuring safety and continuous monitoring to weigh benefits against potential risks.
  • Transparency Commitment: Koko is committed to transparency, keeping the community informed about research results and ongoing testing. Clear rules are in place for stopping studies if unexpected risks arise.

These standards underscore Koko's dedication to enhancing services responsibly and ethically.

Responsible Use of AI at Koko:

Koko prioritizes responsible AI use, ensuring our users receive genuine support without encountering deceptive bots on our platforms.

  • Human Interaction Assurance: Koko guarantees that you'll never be misled into conversing with a bot. All interactions maintain the authenticity of human connection.
  • Transparent AI Use: Koko commits to never using AI deceptively. You will always be informed whether you are engaging with a human or AI.
  • Evidence-Based Interventions: Koko's commitment to evidence-based interventions ensures that offerings are grounded in methods proven to be effective, prioritizing efficacy over expedience.
  • Rigorous Evaluation of New Technologies: While open to incorporating new technologies, Koko insists on their clinical viability demonstrated through rigorous evidence-based methods before implementation.
  • Acknowledging AI Uncertainty: Koko recognizes the inherent uncertainty in AI and LLMs. As technology evolves, Koko is committed to ethical responsiveness, adapting practices to align with advancements in AI technology.

This commitment underscores Koko's dedication to responsible and ethical use of AI for the well-being of its users.