Distinguished Advisory Board:

At Koko, we are honored to have a distinguished panel of advisors who offer invaluable support. Drawing expertise from diverse domains, including academia, technology, and healthcare, Koko advisors play a crucial role in guiding our mission and ensuring excellence in our endeavors.

Fraser Kelton

(Former) Head of Product, OpenAI

Margaret Laws

President & CEO, Hopelab

Stephen Schueller

Associate Professor, UC Irvine

Gina Sanders

Founder, Gina's Collective

Jessica Schieder

Assistant Professor, Stony Brook

Matthew Nock

Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology, Harvard

Mike Nolet

Founder, Live Better

Tom Insel

Former director of NIMH, Cofounder Humanest

James LaBelle

Former CSO, Scripps Health

Rosalind Picard

Professor of Media Arts & Sciences, MIT

Andy Grygiel

Chief Brand Officer, project44

Tom Siegel

Co-Founder and CEO, Trust & Safety Laboratory Inc.

Melissa Thomas-Hunt

Professor of Public Policy, John D. Forbes Distinguished Professor of Business Administration